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Life and Loss Part 2

By on 04/01/2011

I decided to try loss again, I like taking photographs when it is overcast outside so I took these when it was just about to rain and I think that helps with the idea of loss.

My Growthing

By on 03/29/2011

Soo…I am not really sure how I have grown, but I have recieved a few awards so maybe that means I am becoming a better photographer? For example, I never thought I would recieve a gold key for my portfolio

Life and Loss

By on 03/15/2011

Last week I turned in these photos but did not have time to post them to the blog. These are continuing my “Life” project and I had to take photographs of loss and lonliness. This was really hard but I


By on 03/01/2011

This is an interesting way to turn parts of a black and white photo into color. It was kind of time consuming but the result was kind of cool. In the tutorial they just showed how to do skin and

Vacation Photos

By on 03/01/2011

Over February Vacation I skiied ALOT. The very first weekend I worked with all the little girls I teach and then the rest of break I just skiied and hung out so it was reletively boring. My photos I feel

Terri Unger Response

By on 02/28/2011

Terri Unger is a local photographer from Ipswich, MA. He works solely in a dark room, with no digital. For this reason his photographs are in black and white or have a sepia tone to them. On his website (


By on 02/18/2011

Continuing with my “Life” project, when I asked John what he though of when I said life he said “plants.” It was recently Valentines Day so a photographed roses. Then I thought to myself, plants need water, so I photographed

Life Cereal

By on 02/14/2011

Continuing with this years “Life” project, I asked my good friend, Ben, to tell me what first came to his mind when I said the word, “life.” His thought, cereal of course! It was very hard for me to figure

Boston Globe Senior Portfolio

By on 02/03/2011


By on 02/03/2011

  Last year in photo 3, I started my own project of “Life through other people’s eyes” and so I decided to continue with this. I decided to ask myself what life ment and for me life is only good