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By on 01/16/2015

I was going through a lot of my old photos after I passed in my Halloween ones. It resulted in a lot of playing around with overlays. I did a few with my Halloween ones and they turned out amazing.

Weekly Extra

By on 12/01/2014

I chose to write my weekly extra on these surreal photographs inspired by the woods of Lithuania. In my opinion, the work of this photographer is beautiful, haunting, and mystical. I love how the pictures combine humans and nature to

Weekly Extra – Lithuanian Forests Inspiration

By on 11/13/2014

Since I’m Lithuanian it only makes sense that I would love all the photos done by this artist that was inspired from the surrounding environment they grew up in. Surrounded by forest and nature, Raggana (that’s their post name) was

Valerie Morignat

By on 11/13/2014

Valerie Morignat is my inspiration this week. She focuses on underwater photography with people as her subjects. But, one of her projects involved lighting trees in intricate and unusual ways. This idea got me thinking of ways I could highlight other

Fall 2014 quarter 2 weekly extra dates

By on 11/13/2014

Nov 10-14 Nov 17-21 Dec 1-5 Dec 8-12 Dec 15-19 Jan 5-9 Jan 12-16   You will type your weekly extras as a journal entry on this site, and then choose the appropriate Week category. If you need to insert