Photography Classes @ MERHS

Viewing: week 6: Oct 13-17

Weekly Extra

By on 11/07/2014

I decided to write my weekly extra on these underwater wedding photos because they fascinate me! I love being underwater and I think that taking wedding pictures in the ocean is very creative and unique. My favorite thing about this

Pets Pets Pets

By on 10/27/2014

Another project that I am handing in late is some pet photographs. I will be using my one of my dogs and one of my cats. I plan on putting my dog outside and letting her use her toys. She

Death of Conversations Article Review

By on 10/17/2014

For lack of a better topic to write about, while I was growing bored panda the other day I found this article about how this person takes photos of people immersed in their cell phones. t’s interesting to browse through

Double Exposure

By on 10/16/2014

For our last photo assignment we had to turn in a self portrait of our opposite. At first I focused on the idea of double exposure. The idea of double exposure inspired me to create an image with a long