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Project Week 1

By on 04/12/2013

Cliche Photos

By on 03/28/2013

Of course, any good cliche photos involve sunsets, trees, landscapes, or the beach. So, for my cliche photos, I decided to go to the beach and take some pictures. It was low tide so I got to go really far

Moma Pictures

By on 03/22/2013

  I was inspired by this artwork from MOMA. I thought that the angle and the way it makes your eyes move around the picture was really interesting. So, for my photo, I just took a couple pictures with different

Opposite Self-Portraits

By on 03/07/2013

This assignment was hard for me. I had no idea what the opposite of me was and how to portray it in a picture. I asked my sister what the opposite of me was and she said “outgoing” and “free-spirited”.

My Vacation

By on 03/01/2013

This vacation I went skiing and took a lot of pictures of everything. By describing my week in a couple of pictures I chose these three because I thought that they were the best ones.

Photos that I hate to Photograph

By on 02/15/2013

So for me, I really hate dogs, so obvisouly I don’t like taking pictures of them. I tried to capture the relationship between a dog and its owner and also just the dog playing in the 3 feet of snow.

Nothing Photos

By on 02/13/2013