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Viewing: Q3: WEEK 3 = MARCH 9-13

Weekly Extra

By on 03/27/2015

This week, I am writing my weekly extra based on these photos by Australian photographer, Ray Collins. Her photos depict frozen waves that mimic the stature and appearance of mountains. I love the simplicity of the images as well as

Weekly Extra 3: March 9-13

By on 03/20/2015 After looking at some of Liliana Gelman’s work, I have been inspired to create works of art that actually interest me. I really like how she chooses to have her photographs be in black and white. In

Q3: WEEK 3 = MARCH 9-13

By on 03/17/2015

This past week I continued with my idea of flipping objects on themselves. Although during this week I will admit that I struggled with what to photograph. Ms. Epp has helped me realized that what makes my idea unique and

Inspiration Post March 9-13: Smithsonian Photo Competition

By on 03/13/2015

“21+ Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition” 21+ Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition Every year for the past 12 years, the Smithsonian has collected amazing photos in their annual contest. The editors choose 10 finalists each from

Weekly Extra – Long Exposure

By on 03/12/2015

Since long exposure has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve really never gotten around to actually DO it; I thought it would be something cool to look at pictures of and possibly gain the confidence to do

Week 3: March 9-13: Libby Dulski

By on 03/10/2015

This Pinterest board represents the project that I am currently invested in for photo portfolio. I put together a collection of photographs that serve as inspirations for my self-portrait project.

weekly extra instructions

By on 02/23/2015

  If you need to insert photos into your posts, make sure they are .jpg and not .psd       WEEKLY EXTRA OPTIONS:   TUTORIAL : Find relevant a photoshop tutorial for specific skills you want to learn, or browse