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Inspirational Post Week 6

By on 04/02/2015

Last Summer, I Found WW2 Photos Of Dijon In France And Retook Them In The Same Places 70 Years Later”

The artistic who took this series of photos is named Pierre. He is 19 years old and from France and claims to love history. He is an archaeology student are re-took these WWII photos throughout his home city, Dijon. He re-took these photos that he found on the internet and spent the day roaming the city to find historic photos. The artist stated the reason he wanted to take these photos was to be able to show his friends and family the same exact streets they walk upon were there when the idea of freedom was a distant dream. He would use the photo from his laptop to line up the whole photo so they are identical.

I really liked this series of photos and the overall meaning. The artist wanted to show how people had once walked upon the same streets as us but did it during a time when there was a war going on and the huge dream they all shared (to gain their freedom.) I have seen some re-taken photos from other historic sites but no other series I have seen had the same meaning as Pierre’s.

Another thing that I like about this series is that the old photos are black & white but the new ones are in color to further show the contrast between the same photo. My favorite photo out of the series would be the one labeled “Where and Where All Began”



The reason I like this one the best is how different they are. The first picture is filled with military tanks and soldiers which shows me how much the military was involved in people’s everyday lives. The second photo is extremely different because it is a huge empty space with some normal everyday people. When I see these photos I also remember that this war wasn’t too long ago but there is a large difference right now in this city. This series has inspired me to maybe take photos like this in places I visit in the future with a lot of history.