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Weekly Extra – Phone Photography

By on 03/31/2015

Since everyone is always using their phone to take photos, since it’s much easier to carry a little phone around with you than a bulky camera, I thought it would be interesting to read this article about phone photography. Nicolas

Weekly Extra – Photo Portraits

By on 03/27/2015

Luca Pierro recently did a series of self portraits, solely using flour, water and milk to add affects to himself (or other subjects). I love the fact that he used something as simple as flour, milk and water to create


By on 03/20/2015

Recently I decided to take a break from my pet photography. For my birthday I as given a infinity scarf. And one of the things that I’m able to do is place it on top of my head. I look

Weekly Extra – Perfectly Timed Photos

By on 03/18/2015

I love finding photographs that were taken at the perfect time, and can sometimes look like something that they really aren’t. There really is a perfect moment to take a photograph, and if you can find that moment the results

Pet Photograhy

By on 03/16/2015

With the new camera also came experimenting. I found myself going to my pets as they offered a exciting subject matter. I’ve found with pet photography you have to go to them. You also should get them when their tired


By on 03/16/2015

During February break I got a new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. So as I was taking my photographs I was experimenting a lot too. I’ve found that it’s not that different, as I know how to use it.

Weekly Extra – Long Exposure

By on 03/12/2015

Since long exposure has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve really never gotten around to actually DO it; I thought it would be something cool to look at pictures of and possibly gain the confidence to do

Weekly Extra – “Freezing” Waves

By on 03/03/2015

Since I’ve lived by the ocean my entire life I obviously love waves and the water. These photos done by Dovas reminded me a lot of our hometown, and I loved the idea of taking a picture of something and

Weekly Extra – expression with landscapes

By on 02/24/2015

Recently, I have been photographing landscapes and objects that, in my opinion, show relaxation. This article talks about artist Hidenobu Suzuki’s new work that uses landscapes and nature to express her emotions. Her work gave me a more, broad idea

Matte Finish – Weekly Extra

By on 01/16/2015

One of the more popular forms of editing, especially amongst hipsters, is adding a matte finish. The matte finish is said to make the photo a lot softer than it would be before, canceling out those harsh lights in a