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Viewing: Q3: WEEK 2 = MARCH 2-6

Weekly Extra

By on 03/20/2015

Last week, my photos depicted a face that was scratched out and distorted. With these images, my goal was to show the thin line between beauty and deformity. I want my photos to prove how easy it is to cross said

Pet Photography Pt. 2

By on 03/20/2015

This week I decided to photograph my other cat and rabbit. The shot of Minnie was complete chance. She is always running around the house or right on top of me. So it’s harder to get photographs of her. So

Pet Photograhy

By on 03/16/2015

With the new camera also came experimenting. I found myself going to my pets as they offered a exciting subject matter. I’ve found with pet photography you have to go to them. You also should get them when their tired

Q3: WEEK 2 = MARCH 2-6

By on 03/10/2015

This week I decided to do a Pinterest board because I lately have had an urge to go on and look at possible ideas for what I could photograph next. Here is the link to the board I created .

Reflection Post: March 2-6

By on 03/05/2015

  My thought process for taking this photo was to have Delaney model in front of something semi-vintage. I actually started having her model outside but felt that it was boring and to simple. After multiple attempts, we chose the

March 2-6-Inspirational Post: Vertical Churches

By on 03/05/2015

“Vertical Churches: I photograph Churches Around The World From The Perfect Perspective” The photographer of this series of photos is Robert Silver, and he decided to start taking these photos because he has traveled to many churches and cathedrals around

Weekly Extra – “Freezing” Waves

By on 03/03/2015

Since I’ve lived by the ocean my entire life I obviously love waves and the water. These photos done by Dovas reminded me a lot of our hometown, and I loved the idea of taking a picture of something and

Week 2: March 2-6: Libby Dulski

By on 03/02/2015

Last week I continued with my “narcissistic” them while I continued to take portraits of myself. I decided to start a sub-topic that is two weeks long. The themes for this two week period are “broken” and “fixed.” This past

weekly extra instructions

By on 02/23/2015

  If you need to insert photos into your posts, make sure they are .jpg and not .psd       WEEKLY EXTRA OPTIONS:   TUTORIAL : Find relevant a photoshop tutorial for specific skills you want to learn, or browse