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Through a childs eyes

By on 03/30/2012

We just started a project of whatever we want to do.  For my project I decided that I wanted to take pictures of the little girl that I babysit, and show the world the way she see’s it.  I want


By on 03/22/2012

This week for pictures we had to take to pictures and overlay them on top of each other.  When I was babysitting I decided to take pictures of the little girl I was looking after. She was so happy to

my week

By on 03/09/2012

This week I am still getting over an concussion and still get dizzy every once and  a while.  This photo is about how everything is still not in focus and how I am still recovering.

Anything and Everything

By on 02/17/2012

This week we got to take photos of anything that we want.  I love to take pictuers of nature and landscapes so I went down to the beach and was looking for and shells to take pictuers of.

Things that I don’t like taking pictures of

By on 02/10/2012

This week for are photo assignment we had to take pictuers of things that we don’t like to photography or a type of photography that we don’t like to do.  I hate taking portrait photography. So one day this week I had

Photo’s of nothing

By on 02/06/2012

When I was taking these photo’s I had this idea of taking a picture of something but I look’s like nothing.  I went to the beach with my friends over the weekend and I made her go spin and had