Photography Classes @ MERHS

Makeover Instructions

Photoshop Makeover

1)      Remove blemishes

  • Patch tool (circle bad, bring to good) on blemishes

2)      Plastic surgery

  • Filter> liquefy
  • Warp tool (large brush)

3)      Under- eye circles

  • Duplicate layer (picture on top of itself)by right click on layer & choose “duplicate layer”
  • use patch tool to “cheek eye”
  • Change opacity of the cheek-eye layer (somewhere in the middle)

4)      Merge visible layers

  • Click Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E

5)      Add a blur to the merged layer you just made in step 4

  • Add Gaussian blur. It is under “filters->blur”
  • Add layer mask to the blurred layer.
  • On the keyboard, press “ctrl I” to change the layer mask to black
  • Paint with a soft white lower opacity brush on your skin. Avoid the eyes.

6)      Eyes / hair / makeup

  • Levels layer (hide the whole thing with a black mask)
  • Paint with white only on eyes
  • Paint colors on a new layer and change layer blending mode/opacity


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