Photography Classes @ MERHS

Middle School Classroom Syllabus and Expectations


Purpose of Course/ Brief Goals of Course: To develop critical thinking and communication skills through the arts. To continue and expand upon the elements and principles of design. To learn about the history of art throughout time. To demonstrate proficiency in working with art materials


Content / Major Units Studied: Line, Shape, Space, Texture, Form, Color, Value, Repetition, Balance, Rhythm, Unity, exhibition, critique, observational drawing, printmaking, sculpture, painting, and graphic/industrial design. 


Essential Questions

Why make art?
Are all objects art?
What choices can I make to express myself when making art?
Technically, how do I create different kinds of art objects?


Class Expectations / Student Responsibilities: Students need to come to class on time, prepared (with a pencil), and ready to work the entire class period. Curriculum, examples, and rubrics can be found on the class website:


Grading: 80% in class project progress portfolio, 10% sketchbook work, 10% citizenship (effort/attitude/work ethic)


Other Special Information: All lessons, projects, rubrics, expectations, and galleries of student work can be found on the website that I created for this class: I hope you enjoy exploring the site, and seeing some of the things that your son or daughter will be learning. I will be putting up all of their assignments and due dates. I hope that we can work as a team to help your child succeed in my class. I promise to work my hardest to help your children develop critical thinking skills, engage in art criticism and analytical writing, and develop their own style to express themselves visually.


Contact Information: eppc at




  • I will be open minded about ideas that you have. I will give you as much freedom as I can, while also providing help when you need it.
  • I will be supportive of new things that you want to try in art class.
  • I will grade fairly, not on talent, but on effort.
  • I will be easy going, but I will be there to help you do the best work you can.
  • I will be available to answer questions for you.
  • I will help you learn more about making and looking at art.


  • For you to come to class on time and ready to do work.
  • For you to listen during instruction time or during demonstrations (basically, do not talk while I am teaching, and pay attention to what is going on.)
  • For you to experiment in your art making and try new things in class.
  • For you to treat materials with respect. No throwing things or losing things. Always clean your materials and workspace at the end of each class.
  • For you to use respectful language at all times (no racist, sexist, homophobic, or violent speech.)
  • For you to not speak negatively about anyone’s artwork.
  • For you to have a good time in class, and make art that you feel good about.
  • For you to tell me what is going on with the work you are doing in class and how class is going for you.
  • For you to ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!


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