Photography Classes @ MERHS

Middle School Reflection and Critique



REFLECTION (based on Blooms Taxonomy)

REMEMBERING (What did I do?)
Describe what you did:

UNDERSTANDING (What was important about what I did?)
Describe what was important about what you did:
Did you meet your goals? YES   NO
why or why not?

APPLYING (Could I use this again?)
When have you used this skill before, in any subject matter, wherever in life?
How and where could you use this skill again?

ANALYZING (Do I see any patterns in what I did?)
Did you follow a routine with this project?
Do you find that you usually make the same mistakes?
Are there patterns in what you did and how you worked?
How well did I do?
2 stars (things that you’re proud of):
1 wish (something you would have changed):

CREATING (What should I do next?)
If you had all the time, money, and resources in the world what would you do next?


art crtique questions
Reflection adapted from
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