Photography Classes @ MERHS

Photo 3 syllabus

Photo 3 & Portfolio

In Photo 3 students will

  • Learn advanced Photoshop techniques
  • Continue working on their independant bodies of work
  • Continue developing their own personal style
  • Peer tutor Photo 1 and Photo 2 students
  • Assist and lead class critiques
  • create a 3D sculpture with their photos
  • Design a book of their photos
  • Teach Photoshop tutorials to Photo 1 and Photo 2 classes
  • Write reflections to podcasts and videos
  • Write an artist’s statement


 Grading Percentages

Photo 3 & Portfolio
70 photos
15 critique
10 written reflections
5 classroom citizenship and work ethic


3 – 2 – 1 Instructions

(follow posted assignments or do the following)

-3 photos per week

Work on your chosen theme for the semester. bring in at least 3 photos per week and critique them with your peers and with Ms. Epp.

-2 written reflections per week.

Choose 2 of the videos/podcasts listed to the left and write a few paragraphs about them. Reflect upon what the video says about the field of photography, how specific photographers create images, and your opinions of that photographer’s work. Also write about how those things could or would impact your own photographs.

-1 Photoshop/Digital skill per week

Find relevant photoshop tutorials for specific skills you want to learn, or browse tutorial sites and find a digital skill that is appealing to you. Be ready to teach that skill to the other people in the class.
Starting off points: HERE, or HERE, and also HERE


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