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Hey Kids,


I am out sick today, so this is what you should do:


Photo 1: watch the following link either as a class as a whole up front, or if everyone has headphones (and there are some extra ones lying around the room by the computers and there might be some in the drawers by the counter with the sinks). Then write down the answers to the following questions on a piece of paper and turn it into the sub

  1. Why are photos so important to the people in Kansas?
    2. Who had access to the Brownie and how is that different from what happened in photography before?
    3. Pretend you were the first person in your family to get a Brownie. What are the first 2 things you would document with your camera and WHY ?
    4. What did Edward S. Curtis do when he took pictures of Native Americans?
    5. Do you think what Edward S. Curtis did was right or wrong? Give detailed reasons to support your opinion.
    6. What did Lewis Hine photograph, and what was the result of his photographs?
    7. In your opinion, which is the most important use of photography? (Art, Social Change, Advertising, Documenting Cultures, Family Pictures, Scientific Purposes, News.) Give specific reasons WHY



Photo 2/3/Portfolio: as a review, first fill out as much as you can of the Photo 1 study guide from memory (you can find it here: ). Then, work with partners to fill in any gaps. Finally, go on to find any of the other information that you need to complete the study guide.



MEMO: I know you evaluated some web sites yesterday, but pick 3 more to do and fill out this sheet and give it to the sub:
Also, work as a group and brainstorm ideas for short video stories that you could cover this semester. You might want to watch some of the video stories that other schools do on the link for the nspa winners:







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