Photography Classes @ MERHS

VISUAL presentation about yourself as an artist

You need to include the following in a PowerPoint document:                    



• Your  name

• 8 photos that you have taken over the past couple of years. They do not all have to be from class assignments.

• up to 5 other images of artwork you have done for other classes or for yourself

• images must be .jpg to be able to be put in your PowerPoint



2) BIOGRAPHY of yourself as the artist:

•  Basic info (birth date and location, early years and family background, etc.)
•  How did you start taking photographs and/or making art (schooling, family, etc.)

•  What influences you in your artmaking?

• What makes you unique as a photographer/artist compared to your classmates? Be detailed and reflective in your answer.

• Describe your process of going through the assignments you have had THIS SEMSTER. What thoughts did you have? Difficulties? Successes? How did your work change and grow during this semester? Be detailed and reflective in your answer.

• What are you trying to say overall with your artwork?  Identify important themes/ideas in your work. Be detailed and reflective in your answer.

• What is your greatest strength as a photographer? What is your greatest weakness? What will you do to overcome that weakness in the future? Be detailed and reflective in your answer.

• What are your plans for your future as a photographer?




3) EVALUATION of one of the photographs :
•  What is the style (light, dark, odd, crisp, blurry, etc.)? Talk about the quality of light.

•  Talk about principles and elements of design: line, shape, space, value, balance, etc.
•  Does the image have a center of interest? What is it and why does it capture your interest?
•  Describe the mood of the work. Explain why it shows that mood?
•  What ACTIVE CHOICES have you made as a photographer in this work





  • Plans for “your own project” for the end of the semester. List any ideas that you may have
  • Do some research and show it in the presentation about your idea. This may be non-photographic research, or you may look at other photographers who have done similar work.
  • Show any other influences you may have for this final project.





Info about the ORAL presentation:    


•  You must present the PowerPoint and the information on it to the rest of the class

  • Presentations are 3-5 minutes long
  • Do NOT just read from your slides on the screen. You should paraphrase and work from notes.





What I will be looking for (grading):


____Presentation contains all the required items/information and is well organized, and is DETAILED and REFLECTIVE in content.


____Text and images are easy to see with no distracting elements or animations
____Enthusiasm / Eye Contact / Voice Projection / Paraphrasing
____Work ethic, behavior and effort, and good listening skills
____Spelling and grammar of text is accurate
____ final result represents your full potential.


____The oral presentation must be well organized and rehearsed.



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