Photography Classes @ MERHS


By on 03/15/2011

-My strengths in photography are:

My strengths in photo are finding the right thing to do to Photoshop to my pictures
-My weaknesses in photography are:

My weakness is being cohesive with my pictures
-I would like to challenge myself in photography by:

Finding a really good subject that I consistently can take good photos of
-Theme/Idea you have for the project: the word bold

I prepared by applying really bold lipstick and found a light online pokies spot in my house with a plain wall it was a pretty easy set up and I made sure it was around 4 am

I want the lips color to pop more so photoshop was a key in this project

I looked at Sephora to see like how to make red lips look really red and I figured how to remove it without having red stained lips the rest of the day

The hardest thing is probably making it look good in photoshop

The editing should be graded more than other things

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