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Spiral Staircases

By on 06/10/2014

This article contains 30 photos of spiral staircases all over the world. This article is really cool because all of the staircases are completely different and are located in different places but are all unique in the same way. I like the layout of the article too because the staircases contrast each other and the colors of them make them stick out. One of my favorite ones is one that looks like it was taken in an abandoned house, but the color blue and red are located on the stairs. I also really like the one of the outside staircase that looks like it was taken in an abandoned European country. The structure is beautiful and I would actually see myself traveling to where ever this staircase is to see it in person.

I really liked the idea behind this article and looking at the staircases has inspired me to maybe try and use staircases in my own photos.

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