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Blue Iceland

By on 05/27/2014

This article is a bunch of photos taken in Iceland and the photos were taken by Andy Lee. The photos are meant to resemble romantic-era paintings because of the atmosphere that seems moody and the dramatic lighting. The lens used to capture these photos was a lens that can pick up infrared light. Iceland is filled with, “Roaring volcanoes, monolithic glaciers, icy mountains and deep fjords, has become a mecca for photographers looking to capture the raw, mystical power of its natural northern beauty.”

I personally really liked all of these photos and they are all extremely beautiful. I like the choice of the photographer to use the lens in order to get infrared light because if he used a different lens the photos would not be the same. I haven’t seen many photos of Iceland and these photos changed how I thought Iceland would look like and these pictures has made me want to maybe one day go to Iceland. I really like the black and white photo of the waterfall and I really liked how there are people in the picture because they helped me see how large the waterfall is because the people look tiny in the photo.


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