Photography Classes @ MERHS

Week One: Feb 23-27

By on 02/24/2015

In photo three I did my own project by taking portraits of people and telling a story or hidden thing about that person through the photograph. For my own project in photo portfolio, I plan on continuing this idea of taking portraits of people, but I also want to give the project a little twist. I might do a narcissistic twist on this project and just take portraits of myself for the project. This first week I turned in a photo of me taking a photo of myself. The picture is a little bit distorted because it is a reflection of myself on a glass door. I wanted to use this photo as my start to my project because it shows who I am as a photographer, and universally all photographers: what I see through my camera lens can be different from what other people see: that is why I the distortion from the door is perfect for this portrait.  I named this photo “narcissism. “I might continue taking photos of just me, or I might continue with the photo three project and take photos of others.