Photography Classes @ MERHS

Reflection Post Feb 23-27th

By on 02/23/2015

my own project-multiplicity 1


I decided for my own project to take multiplicities. My thought process behind taking these photos was that I could make use of the snow and have an eight year old child play in the snow. I shot the picture the way I did as there were limited distractions and so that I could make use of the space in the photograph. I encountered many difficulties while coming up with the idea, as well as taking it. Taking pictures of N’Talia (the girl in the picture) was extremely difficult as she is hard to photograph and as she did not listen well to directions and didn’t want to sit still for the photographs. As I look back on the photo, I think that I could have used a more interesting space or have chosen different poses. For my future projects, I am going to try to have more interaction within the photograph and to try to have my photograph have a meaning.  Also in the future, I am going to use a tripod while shooting, as it will allow me to shoot the same area each time with the same settings.