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Terri Unger Response

By on 02/28/2011

Terri Unger is a local photographer from Ipswich, MA. He works solely in a dark room, with no digital. For this reason his photographs are in black and white or have a sepia tone to them. On his website ( he shares five books of his photographs, all of friends and locals, in Essex, Ipswich and other local towns. He photographs clammers, and other local activities, and really captivates the life style and fun of small cape ann town living.

What I really liked about Unger’s photographs was that they were in black and white and very little saturation. I have always like black and white, I feel like it makes you really focus on what is going on in the photographs rather than focus on the color. His photographs are also very full of life which is also what I like in a photograph, I do photograph life after all.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about the photographs except I did wish that there was a little more discription about what the artist does and why he decides to tale the photographs he does.

Terri Unger could and has already influenced me as a photographe, black and white and life is very interesting to me and I have already started photographing these things.

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