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Surreal Photos by Instagrammer Nois7

By on 05/27/2014

Photographer Robert Jahns takes beautiful photos in nature that show adventure and unlike a lot of photos people are fans of, the photos aren’t dark or have a creepy meaning to them. The photos are edited and photoshopped to make them look beautiful and I like all of the photos. I like how not all of the photos are the same and they are all beautiful and unique in their own way. Some of the photos are taken in the same types of places (such as on top of buildings or rollercoasters) but they are still different from one another and make the viewer feel or think different things. Most of the photos also have nice soft colors for example the one of the deer in the field filled with flowers. I also like the one of the black umbrellas and how one of the umbrellas is red. I like how in that picture the red umbrella isn’t directly in the center of the photo but a bit off to the side.

One of my favorite things about his photos is that they all seem to be realistic and possible but then all of a sudden the viewer notices the one thing or couple things in the photo that are mystical, dreamy or could not actually be possible. Robert Jahn’s photos are most definitely some of my favorite photos and I absolutely love his style. He has inspired me to try and take types of pictures that are similar to the style he uses.

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