Photography Classes @ MERHS

Photo Description

By on 02/14/2012

This photograph is one of my friend Aryanna in a pool and her face right above the water is the main focus. I might try and post it if anyone wants to see exactly what I’m talking about. A lot of my friends are willing to go to some great lengths to help me out in my photo shoots. Jodi by far has been willing to help me out the most. She has xsat in the snow with wet hair, just to model for my photo shoot. Sometimes my photography ideas can be a little out there yet I still have people in my life willing to participate in the shoots.

This particular shoot was outside, in the early Spring and Aryanna had to be completely submerged in my pool. I felt really bad because despite the fact that it was Spring it was still very cold out. I hung a white sheet over my fence and asked Aryanna to wear a bandeau bathing suit top. When she got in the pool I asked her to dunk under and I laid down on the edge of the pool with my camera. I realized that in oder to do this shoot as quickly as possible I wasn’t going to be able to arrange the sheet in the nice background that I wanted. I took the pictures regardless, even with the wrinkled sheet half in the pictures. I got her out of the pool as fast as I could because even though she did her best to not show that she was cold, I knew she was freezing.

The lighting was awesome that day and I immediately started editing my pictures after the shoot. I was really upset the I screwed up the background which meant that I had a lot of brainstorming to do in order to figure out how to make it look decent. I eventually figured out that by cloning the background I could duplicate the white space and use that to fill it the whole background. In my opinion I feel as though it’s somewhat obvious that Aryanna is in a pool but on the other hand the background is so simple that it’s not like you can tell there was a fence behind her.

Personally I think that shoot was pretty successful and very similar to what I had in mind before I even started the photo shoot. I used this picture in my portfolio and it when I had my professor at Montseratt College of Art look at through it he had really admired the picture. He said that when it was in my portfolio it was a good break from some of my other work and it gets the wheels in the mind turning to try and figure out how I put together the shoot.