Photography Classes @ MERHS

Week Two: Our own Project

By on 12/11/2014

This past week I continued taking pictures for my own project. I decided to continue the theme of taking portraits of people and telling something about those people through the photograph. So, this week, I went to take pictures with someone who is very close to me. I was going to only focus on him for the photo assignment and show his love for the water, then I realized I could take pictures of both him and I. By taking photos of both of us I could show the connection that him and I have together. I wanted to show that we are both in love with the ocean, while also being in love with each other. I chose to take the pictures with the ocean in the background because we both have a strong connection to the ocean. Sam and I are rather shy people when it comes down to it, so I decided to have both of us not looking at the camera. I then also decided to take a picture of our feet… why I decided to this is unclear. I simply thought it might be artsy, and it also tied the photos together well because it showed both Sam and my feet.

Something that I like that came out of this photo assignment was the flow of the photograph. The eye travels across all three photos that are in the picture. Something that I would change is probably the photo in the middle. I would make this a photo of Sam and me and not just our feet.