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Things I hate to photograph

By on 02/14/2013

When I heard the topic for this weeks photos I went through the different kinds of photos I could take (ie: portraits, landscapes, macro, black and white, shallow depth of feild, ect.) and  since there arn’t many photos I absalutely hate taking… I decided which photos I like to take best and eliminated them one by one. After completing this process I discovered that my least favorite kinds of photos are close up, macro photos. Once this was decided I just had to think of something to photograph and because of the storm and constant snow/rain over the weekend I knew these pictures had to be taken inside. So I got out my macro lens and grabbed some foods from around my house (and my cat of course) and began to take pictures near the window where the lighting was best.

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  1. rachael

    Perry, I like the shallow depth of field and how myserious your photos are. You really have to look at them closely to understand what it actually is. The only picture that bothers me are the coffee beans. I wish just a little more was in focus. It was a good decision to go near a window though for the best light so the photos didn’t have an off color.