Photography Classes @ MERHS

Reflection Post: March 2-6

By on 03/05/2015

My own project-multiplicity-week of feb12th


My thought process for taking this photo was to have Delaney model in front of something semi-vintage. I actually started having her model outside but felt that it was boring and to simple. After multiple attempts, we chose the piano as a background. I encountered several difficulties while taking these pictures, including choosing the background. Another difficulty that I encountered is that the space around the piano is limited, so I didn’t know where to have her model without it being to busy. One thing that I wish that I had done differently was not to have zoomed in so much, as it would have gave me more space to work with in photoshop. Another thing that I wish that I had done was to make sure that my tripod was leveled because the picture is a little crooked. Going forward with my projects, I will definitely continue using a tripod and take into account my previous difficulties and mistakes.