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Inspiration Post March 9-13: Smithsonian Photo Competition

By on 03/13/2015

“21+ Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition”

21+ Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition

Every year for the past 12 years, the Smithsonian has collected amazing photos in their annual contest. The editors choose 10 finalists each from Natural World, People, Americana, Altered Images, and Mobile categories. 

This article contains amazing photos taken around the world and I loved looking at each photograph. I like how the photos are all taken in different places and each have their own unique perspective of the world. I noticed that many of the photos are nature and wilderness pictures, with very few using humans as the subject. Most of the photographs are also not in black and white but are in color. The colors are all bright and contrast one another, making the photos more appealing to the eye.

One of my favorite photos is of the Mobula Rays in Mexico. I like this photo because it kind of looks like the photo is not taken underwater but in the sky due to the editing. I have also never seen photos of this kind of animal and didn’t know they even existed. Another reason I like this photo is because of the dark colors that contrast the gray of the Mobula rays. 

My other favorite photo is “A Woman And Her Child Place Dyed Threads Out To Dry, Santipure, Nadia, India”. I really like the angle of this photo and think that it gives the audience a new and unique perspective on the woman and her child. I also love the bright red color that mixes with the soft orange color of the woman’s clothing. The photographer did a good job in showing the audience the amount of dyed threads that are hung out to dry and how long they are.