Photography Classes @ MERHS

Weekly Extra

By on 03/20/2015


Last week, my photos depicted a face that was scratched out and distorted. With these images, my goal was to show the thin line between beauty and deformity. I want my photos to prove how easy it is to cross said line and notice how even though you can see obvious disruption, the beauty still prevails. I chose to keep the image in color (I have been more inclined to chose black and white as of late) to show a sharper, more distinct contrast against the background. That way, the delicate morphed segments appear more vivid, for instance the extension of the red lips.

Moving forward, I plan on continuing with this theme and hopefully adding more dance photos. In my opinion, dance is the epitome of beauty vs. pain and or deformity. What the viewer sees is most defiantly beautiful but a self-critical, dedicated dancer can sometimes bear a lot of pain as well.  I am also still experimenting with mirrored/reflected images and hope to explore this idea for at least another week.