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By on 02/18/2011

Continuing with my “Life” project, when I asked John what he though of when I said life he said “plants.” It was recently Valentines Day so a photographed roses. Then I thought to myself, plants need water, so I photographed roses in the puddles outside my house.

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  1. Alyssa

    I LOVEEEE THE LAST PICTURE! i really like the colors and how the carnation pops out, in color, and from the snow! =]

  2. Amy

    these are all beautiful! not only does the actual plant portray life, but the vivid color of the plants do as well. i think if they were any color but red it would have taken away from the picture a little. i agree with alyssa, the carnation/roses really pop!

    ps looks like i was overruled on the last one

  3. Kayla

    I really like the picture with the tree reflected in the puddle, i can’t believe how perfect and clear it came out. These pictures are amazing! Great job!