Photography Classes @ MERHS

Week 5: March 23-27: Libby Dulski

By on 03/23/2015

Last week I decided to continue the idea of self portraits. I used two old photos in order to combine both of them. I wanted to show how my photography has evolved from last year to the next. I wanted to create a photograph that showed two pieces of my work. I decided to piece them together to symbolize how I have slowly been trying to figure out who I am as a photographer; there are pieces missing from the photograph because I haven’t yet figured out who I am as a photographer.

I liked how the colors in this photograph really come together. There are contrasting colors that make the photograph pop that I really enjoy. This photograph was also inspired by two photos I found on Pinterest. It is interesting to see how my photograph was inspired by something from Pinterest. Next week, I hope to continue taking self portraits and further explore who I am as a photographer and how my photography represents who I am.