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By on 09/23/2014

Every photo I take is a dream. That’s the theme of all my work. Are they nightmares? Perhaps. You can’t explain dreams. You can explain aspects of my photos, but you’re probably wrong. Either way. there’s always an outlying mystery. A dream that interests me is one described by a musician named Freddie Gibbs. He said he had a dream of kids in a backyard at a birthday party. There are adults surrounding the kids as they beat a piñata. Once it breaks, cocaine pours from it instead of candy. The kids run towards it. “They was just kids playing in the dope. They was just playin’ in the dope” said Gibbs. It’s a beautiful vision. It corrupts youthful innocence and could be used as social commentary. I’d photograph it, but it isn’t dark enough for me. Also, I don’t think I can add anything new to it. What mystery is there in kids playing in coke? It’s pretty self-explanatory. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have some sort of cocaine dream-photo of my own.

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