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Life and Loss

By on 03/15/2011

Last week I turned in these photos but did not have time to post them to the blog. These are continuing my “Life” project and I had to take photographs of loss and lonliness. This was really hard but I really like the way they turned out and I like that they all go together. I took them at Tucks Point and Singing Beach.

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  1. Amy

    i loooooove the one of the foam its so prettyyy! but overall i like these pictures. the editing is great and they look very gloomy which fits your loss theme

  2. Dale

    Jach, I didn’t even see that your theme was loss, and I felt really sad after I saw the photos and felt like everything was deserted, which means you did an awesome job meeting your theme! I especially love the one of the ocean foam and the swings. NIIIICE WORKKK!

  3. Megan

    Look out everybody rachel jones is killin it in independent study photo classss. i adore these picas rach your best in my opinion