Photography Classes @ MERHS

Reflection: Week 4

By on 01/09/2015

To follow my idea for my own project assignment topic of taking portraits of people, I decided to take self portraits again. I decided to continue my triptych theme and put together three photos. I decided to take photos of three different types of people that I can be. I can either be a geek, an out-going party-girl, or a typical messed up teenager.

I thought that this weeks photos were semi-successful. I would have liked to take photos of someone other than me, but no one else would seemed willing to model for me. I think that the idea behind this assignment was a good idea, but the photos are lacking a little bit.

If I were a critic looking at the photos, I think that I would understand that it is the same person with different personalities. I think that this assignment successfully conveys what I wanted it to.

For my final week of our own project I hope to continue with the idea of taking a portrait of someone and showing something about that person through the photograph.

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