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Inspirational Post: week 5 March 23-27

By on 03/25/2015

Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies Playing On A Mirror-Like Frozen Lake In Russia’s Arctic Region”

This article is about the work of a Russian photographer named Fox Grom. This article contains photos he has taken of Siberian huskies playing on a thawing frozen lake, making it look as if they are walking over a mirror. Fox Grom lives in northern Russia in a place called Kirovsk in Murmansk Oblast. Most of the area is north of the Artic Circle and so the weather there is always cold. The lake that the photos are taken at is not completely frozen, which helps create the mirror-like surface.

One thing I noticed about Fox Grom’s photos is that they are shot at a horizontal angle, and the color blue has a strong presence in all of them. I really like how some of the photos show landscape in the background, because it gives me more of an idea of where he is and what it looks like in Northern Russia. The colors in the photos are also soft, and not harsh, which adds to the magical-ness of these images.

This is my favorite photo out of the collection because I love how I can see that there is so much empty space in this area in Russia. The shades of blue also make the image more beautiful, especially since they are also reflected off of the frozen lake. I like how the huskie is close to the center of the image and not looking at the camera as well.