Photography Classes @ MERHS

Week 4: March 16-20: Libby Dulski

By on 03/17/2015

This past week, I continued taking photos of myself to further advance the self portrait project I have been working on this quarter. I have over 120 stitches on my face and decided to capture the beauty that scars can have. However, instead of showing the scar directly, I decided to show my scar as depicted as a flower. I think this photo was successful because I was able to capture what I wanted to show with my scar and how scars can be beautiful. I chose to do this photo in black and white because the contrast of the shadow was much more prominent in black and white. I think this photo could have been a little bit stronger if I had chosen the clothing I was wearing better; I would have liked the photo more if I was wearing a simple black shirt.

(I would upload a picture but it will not let me.)