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Self Reflection

By on 06/13/2011

•Check the EXAM catagory when you submit this post
•Include a slideshow of your best 8 pieces from this semester
•On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard do you think you worked on your photography this semester (1=nothing, 10=hardest ever) _______________
• Why do you think you worked at that level?
•How have you changed as a photographer from the beginning of Photo 1 until now?
•How have you changed as a photographer from the beginning of this semester until now?
•What are you most proud of achieving in your work this semester?
•What did you not achieve and why were you unable to achieve it?
•What are your future plans for your artwork/photographs?
•After photo 3 ends and you go on to graduate, how will you GROW and get better in your photographic work?


My scale of 1-10 on how hard i worked this semester on my photography would be an 8 at the beginning of the semester and a 7 towards the end due to difficulty finding time to actually take the pictures.

I have changed significantly since the beginning of Photo 1. My pictures have gone from very amateur to more complex with more meaning. I have learned new techniques and editing styles and I have also become much better at coming up with my own ideas and adapting to the given assignments considering my photographs are almost always portraits.

I am most proud of the fact that I won a Gold Key for the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards and that I actually had the courage to go into Boston and accept my award surrounded by hundreds of strangers. I’m also proud that my piece was hung in Boston for others to look at. lol.

I didn’t achieve taking a good photograph of something that didn’t have a person in it. All of the good work I have done, have been portraits and when I attempted a more landscape shot I wasn’t able to make it a good one.

My future plans with photography is to keep at it and concentrate more on it so that I will be able to continue some aspect of it during college.

I’m not graduation until next year and I plan to take the new photo portfolio class as well as an independent study.

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