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Photographing Common Things – Weekly Extra

By on 12/16/2014

After browsing bored panda I came across an article/photos that depicted a small, hardboiled egg being “tortured” with nails, staples, fishing hooks, and other things. I love the idea of photographing a common object and making it into something thought worthy and unique, so, consequently, these photos were extremely interesting to me. The artist, Nejc Lasic, claimed that they photographed the eggs being “tortured” as a way to show a contrast between the soft, squishy typical egg and the harsh, cruel, sharp objects hurting it.

What seems like such a simple idea can actually turn out to be so interesting, and that’s why I love these photos. I also love the lighting in the photos, and the contrast between the white, smooth texture of the eggs with the dark, rough texture of the variety of objects hurting the egg.

Here’s the link to the article/photos: