Photography Classes @ MERHS

Week Three: Reflection

By on 12/19/2014

This week I took photos of myself for my own project. I decided to focus on something that is important to me: my heritage. To capture my Japanese background, I decided to put on part of my kimono and use one of my Japanese fans that my grandmother gave me. I focused on the different details of the fan and of the kimono. I decided to use a flash because it captured the full spectrum of colors. I thought that this photo shoot was a success because it captured what my own project aims to do: I was able to show something about me that people might not know through my photographs. I also continued with the idea of a triptych. I like doing triptychs because I am able to say more in one photograph by putting three photos together.

If I had never seen my photo before, I would probably focus on the bright and vibrant colors that are in the photo. I would also focus on the different aspects of Japanese in the photograph.

For the next portion of my project, I will continue with the triptych idea and choose another person to take photos of and show something hidden about them by taking a portrait of them.