Photography Classes @ MERHS

Q3: Week 1= Feb 23-27

By on 03/02/2015


During the first week of photo portfolio, I decided to experiment with taking pictures of different types of shells.  The photo above is one of the results I got from experimenting. My though process when taking these photos was I mainly thought “Would this look interesting flipped on itself?”. I also thought about the angle of the shell I wanted to photograph at as well as how the light hit the shell. I really like this photo and I liked how I added a blue/purple tone to it. I think I did well with the light hitting the shell, but can certainly improve because where the shells come together the brightness is too intense to the point it is white. I like how the texture of the shell is shown and the different colors that make it up.  This year I have decided to continue with the idea that I started during my own project in photo 3. My idea has been taking a photo and placing it upside down on itself then blending the layers together to hopefully make a unique shape or design. I am still trying to figure out where to go with it but I am hoping to decide soon.