Photography Classes @ MERHS


By on 03/07/2011

-My strengths in photography are: Portraits

-My weaknesses in photography are: Fixing the ISO

-I would like to challenge myself in photography by: Fixing the technical difficulties

-Theme/Idea you have for the project: Fashion photography

-Overall Goals for the project: to work with more than one model

-Steps for the project (what must be done to prepare for this project): Read fashion magazines! Figure out the scene (outfits, accessories, location), find models, plan with the models

—Location where you will have to go: undecided, but they will be taken outside with an interesting background

—Props, objects, clothing, equipment, people, things, that you will have to bring with you: camera, extra camera lens, tripod, models, accessories, hats, and the rest is undecided!

—Time of day and/or lighting conditions- Vary with each week, depends on what the overall setting will be but they will all be taken outside.

—Any other information that may apply to your specific project

-Describe in detail the visual style of the photographs you plan to create: unique, intriguing, but pretty

-Research for the project (what types of web sites or books/magazines will you go to to research your topic): seventeen, vogue, elle, glamour, etc.

-Artistic inspiration for the project (look at the links for the online galleries on the Photo 1 page. What artist has the thematic or visual style that you are interested in creating)

-Other inspiration for the project (music, movies, etc)- store adds.

-What is going to be the hardest thing for you to do for this project? Putting together looks that coordinate with multiple people

What will be your biggest difficulty in creating truly great photos? I will let you know…

-Some things you should be graded on specifically for this project- You tell me Ms. Epp!

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