Photography Classes @ MERHS

Coaching Kayla… sounds like a TV show..kewl.

By on 05/18/2011

Your past work is creepy, although I know it is what you enjoy the most.. being creepy. I think you have progressively improved since the beginning of the year, congrats! I really like your more recent pictures, they are very senior picturey. I think you have a real knack for posing people in your pictures. I think you should incorporate more sunshine into your pictures! lalalalikeeeee the ones you took of Jamie, those came out really nice. I think a good idea for your next assignment would be to follow your chunky dog around everywhere and photograph him in his most shining moments. [(JK.. but fo reals..) you should try new locations and work on learning your camera better (I’m only saying this because I know it’s your dads) getting a crisp clear shot in a kewl location would be totes fun.] K BI.

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