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Success Story – Weekly Extra

By on 04/29/2014

This article talks about a younger surfing photographer that recently became successful in his work. The photographer, Stephen Krawiec , recently got one of his first photos taken published in Eastern Surf Magazine. His advice to young people trying to get their photos published and make it big is to always go after it. He talks about how if he hadn’t kept trying to accomplish his dream he wouldn’t have the dream job and publications he has now.

The article writes about his biggest challenges, saying, “There are many challenges when trying to come up with a good surf photograph. Many things are happening at once, from focusing on the surfer, to thinking of where your positioning is for the shot. The conditions are ever changing from the weather, to the lighting, so being adaptable is a huge key to success. I strongly believe having the ability to bring something new to the table every time can play a huge part of whether you’re successful or simply not getting the shot you want. Once you get into the water everything changes and it’s a whole different field to master. You’re always faced with dealing with all different elements at once, so when you get that one shot you can really appreciate it.”



Student Success Stephen Krawiec

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