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20 Historic Photos Turned into Color

By on 05/06/2014


I really liked this article because it is of 20 photos originally in black and white turned into color. I liked being able to see what each photo would like if back then photos had color in them. In the article the author says that seeing the pictures in color makes them see more realistic and I completely agree with that. Black and white gives photos a different feel to them and when they are in color it makes it seem like they are real and actually happened. One photo I really like is the one of Marilyn Monroe because I don’t see many photos of her that aren’t black and white. Also the photo of Helen Keller is really cool to see because the photo was taken in 1919 and I never see many pictures of Helen Keller and to be able to see a picture of her in color makes her seem like an actual person that existed not just a historical figure people talk about.

Looking at these pictures has made me think about how cool it would be to take two of the same photo with one in color and one in black and white and put them next to each other and see the different effect they have on people. A photo in black and white can have a different effect on someone if it was in color.

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