Photography Classes @ MERHS

Macro and a New Camera

By on 09/12/2014

I have decided one of my projects this year will be macro photography. It’s always interested me and I love taking up close photos. At the beginning of the week I researched how to take better macro photos and I found a lot of interesting tips and lots of good advice. A few day ago, for the upcoming Day 5 I decided that my subject would be sunflowers. I love the flower but they can be very difficult to photographs. It’s was windy on the day that I shot them so I had to hold some of them still. It was funny cause I had my tripod out and I didn’t realize how close I had put the flower to the lens until I looked at them later. Out of six photos I had three or four really good ones.

The other thing I did this week in photo was looking into a new camera. At the end of last year I had decided on the Canon Eos Rebel T3. But upon coming back to school I found that the camera had been discontinued. At first I was disappointed. I had my heart set but then I started researching. The next camera that came to mind was the Canon Eos Rebel T3i. But although this camera is amazing it’s better for video taking. I know that it takes wonderful photos but I would rather get something a little more photo based. Then I found the Canon Eos Rebel T5. It’s gorgeous and what I’m looking for. I was happy to do the research although a few more searches need to be done.

All in all this week was very productive personally.