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Weekly Extra – Techniques for taking Self-Portraits

By on 09/18/2014

Since my project at the moment is based on self-portraits I thought it would only make sense that I write about an article I read about self-portraits; that i found on my favorite blog/site. The article gives helpful techniques for taking self portraits; which include, using a remote to help take the photos, not using a remote but using a tripod, and self-timer apps on phones (if you’re taking a ‘selfie’). Overall, I will most likely just continue to take photos with my self-timer and tripod on my camera. It also talks about how to make the camera focus on you by taking it off of auto-focus and how to try and look as comfortable as possible (make it look natural).

I basically live on this blog since I’m a typical white girl and love DIY’s, free people, clothes, ideas for photos, inspirational articles, etc. It’s a great blog and actually does a lot with photography, so you should check it out if you can 🙂

Here’s the link to the article on the blog:


Also, I made these and they’re pretty good if you like ricotta cheese and fruit–>

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