Photography Classes @ MERHS

Self Portraits – Inspiration and Thoughts

By on 10/05/2014

Over the past week I photographed a somewhat new phase to my project of self portraits. The photos are slightly dark, and consist of multiple overlays of myself in different positions and lights.

The inspiration for the photos is definitely the amount of stress I’ve recently had to endure, with school work, college applications and other parts of my life. I think my photos show that not everything is as it seems, and on the inside I feel much more exhausted and stressed out then it may appear on the outside.

The first photo that features a  overlay of three photos of me looks slightly terrifying. The redness of my skin is overlayed on my eye to give it a pinkish bloodshot look. Also, the eyelashes of having my eye close in one of the photos overlaid adds a dark circular shape around the bottom of my eye that’s open. Although it makes me look deranged, it definitely adds to the photo in a positive way (in my opinion). I like that it looks dark and scary, because that’s how it feels to be under so much stress. Not just for me, but for everyone.