Photography Classes @ MERHS


By on 10/03/2014

Doing a marco shoot of sunflowers was oddly harder then I imagined it to be. I picked a day that was slightly overcast and took my tripod out. I had no problem with the camera being still. It was the sunflowers. They would constantly move in the wind. This resulted in me taking my camera off it’s tripod and holding the flowers still. When I was shooting with the tripod I felt very constricted and that I couldn’t do my style. With the camera strap around my wrist I felt like I had a lot more freedom plus I have a steady hand so I could shoot without any shake in the photos. I personally love the two photos that don’t look as traditional. After shooting I realized that although I do like shooting flowers it was not what I want to shoot in macro. I have decided to take a different approach on macro and to shoot more of my life and what I do in macro.