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By on 02/03/2011

My difficulties that i had with these pictures was thinking of an idea i wasn’t quite sure what to take a picture of but i saw a window sill and it looked pretty plain so i decided to take pictures of that.

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  1. connor

    Love this!

  2. Ms. Epp

    This reminds me of those Hiroshi Sugimoto images of white walls. I really like the minimalism of the image, and how its offset by the rich green wall.

    Did you use a texture on this photo?

  3. Megan

    Yes indeed i did use a texture!

  4. Hannah D

    I just tried posting one, but it didn’t work! But I really like the lines and the fresh feeling it invokes in me. I think it might have been the soft lighting on the wood. I also like how the lines brign my eye from the top down toward the center bottom of the photo. Nice work! 🙂

  5. Alyssa

    This looks like a painting. I really like it even though it isnt of much!

  6. Hannah B

    Loveeeeeeeeee this! The lighting is awesome and the contrast between the back wall and windowsill make it look like a painting, and the lines and angles in the picture really define the photo!