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By on 02/18/2011

František Kupka. View from a Carriage Window. (c. 1901)

i forgot to add the painting in the gallery but i was inspired by the colors and the how bright the piture is also the carriage is tan like annys skin so i liked using the facepaint it twas very fun!

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  1. Connor

    Megan, I really love the muted colors in this photo and how the colors on Annie’s cheek and her eyes pop out. It provides some great contrast. Great Job!

  2. Amy

    i agree with connor. the colors are great and it was an interesting and creative twist on the orginal photo

  3. Alyssa

    oooolala!! i loveee these colors too!

  4. Ms. Epp

    The window in the first photo is a bit distracting, however it is a link to the original painting, so in that way it is a strength. I am glad you have the other version as well, which I think is the stronger photo.

    The eyes are so intense! Did you want the blue to be on the white part of the eye as well?

    It is a very haunting image.