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Vacation oheleven

By on 03/01/2011

This vacation i went to Mexico with my best friends Jess and we stayed at an all inclusive resort so we didnt leave the area much but when i did i took pictures for me and i tried not to think about being creative for photo class. two of my pictures are in a shopping area and the others were in my resort. One picture is of my shirt because it was one of the comfy cover ups i had so i thought that was a good representation of my vacation and i used a warm photo filter to make it seem comfortable looking. I took a picture of a peacock cause they woke me up at 5 am almost every morning and they have some really cool colors. I took a picture of my friend little brother and i was planning on keeping it in color cause he has really cool red hair and fair skin but i thought it looked better in black and white. Lastly the picture of the tree was taken because i loved the colors of the buildings we stayed in and the contrast between the tree and the wall was realyl cool. Also i would see the staff cutting and fixing all the plants all day everyday so i thought it was cool to take a picture of their work.

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  1. Alyssa

    I LOVEE the colors in the picture of the tree! they are very appealing!

  2. Dale

    I absolutely love these photos, especially the one of the tree and boy on the beach. Not only are your photography skills amazing, but so are your photoshop skills! You have such a great range of skills, and it seems as though you can do a good job at taking a photo of anything. Beautiful work! đŸ™‚